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Light as a switching medium?

Dielectric light

In many fields of technology and daily life, light is used as a switching medium. It is used as switching medium in controller and regulating equipment.

In general, the change of light intensity caused by the target object (between the transmitter and the receiver) is evaluated. According to the characteristics of the object and the characteristics of the beam, the beam can be blocked, reflected or scattered.




The infrared LED with set time is used as the transmitter, and the photoelectric crystal tube is used as the receiver. Since visible light can be easily filtered out, the output signal is largely unaffected by ambient light conditions.

With the help of the main detection procedures, diffuse reflective switches and beams can be used with red LEDs because the beams and detection points can be measured visually and can be adjusted more easily. The company has launched three types of optical switch: diffuse switch and reflective switch. 



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