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What is the memory organization for the BIS C data carrier?

BIS C data carrier

Memory organization shall be explained as below:

  • Part Code of Data Carrier is as: BIS C-1_ _-XX / ..
  • Values at XX position denotes below memory structure.


EEPROM - Version with                            XX

511 Bytes                                                         04          32 Byte per page

1023 Bytes                                                       05          32 Byte per page

2047 Bytes                                                      11          64 Byte per page

(ability to lock 4.8 or 16 bytes)


FRAM-Version with

8 kBytes                                                            32          64 Byte per page



Note for the EEPROM version: Do not mix data carrier with 32- and 64-byte organization  

because it can lead to read or write errors if not the correct command is initiated.


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