What is the upgrade model of BTL5-S1xx-Mxxxx-P-S32/S115/KA?

The BTL5-P SSI series is out of production and in need of an upgrade

The upgrade alternative model of BTL5-S1xx-Mxxxx-P-S32 / S115 / KA  is BTL7-S5xx-Mxxxx-P-S32 / S115 / KA.

Compared with the original structure size, the upgraded product didn't change, and the magnetic block and accessories can still be used as usual.



Balluff's digital pulse magneto-strictive sensors provide a standard digital pulse interface mode. Including:

  • intial + and intial -
  • start / stop +
  • start / stop -



The output of Balluff's displacement scale SSI has the following resolutions:

  • 1 μ m,
  • 5 μ m,
  • 10 μ m,
  • 20 μ m,
  • 40 μ m,
  • 100 μ M.

And there are synchronous and asynchronous options to choose from.