What type of explosion-proof magnetostrictive sensors does Balluff offer?

Explosion-proof magnetostrictive sensor in situations with oil

Balluff's explosion-proof magnetostrictive sensor:

  • is applicable to areas 0, 1 and 2,
  • with measurements that range up to 7620 mm,
  • absolute output signal's resolution goes up to 5 μ m,
  • high pressure resistance up to 600 bar.



It can provide a large number of interfaces and has many international licenses, such as IECEx, ATEX and CSA (for explosion-proof areas 0 and 1).

Balluff can provide various pressure encapsulated magnetostrictive position measurement systems, which are possess a rod structure and have different performance characteristics.




Among the Balluff models, the model with NEX is intrinsically safe, while the DEX model is flameproof.