What types of magnetic code displacement sensors does Balluff offer?

Using magnetic code displacement sensors

Balluff has the following types of magnetic coding sensors:

  • incremental magnetic coding sensors 
  • absolute magnetic coding sensors



Balluff's absolute rotation magnetic coded displacement measurement system BML guarantees absolute position feedback at all positions - immediately available and without reference operation. 

Our displacement measurement system is also highly accurate in large diameters, and it is very compact and easy to integrate into the engine.



Balluff incremental rotation magnetic code displacement measurement system BML is used for precise positioning and speed control of rotation axis.

Balluff provides suitable sensors for almost all shaft diameters. Through standardized digital and analog interfaces, our displacement measurement system BML can be integrated into almost all control systems, and the correct drive can be ensured in the torque motor. The longest measurement distance of BML is 48m. 磁编码-1