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What is the function of CIP/ SIP?

CIP/ SIP explanation

CIP (cleaning in place) is a term commonly used in cleaning, position cleaning, etc.

CIP system is widely applied in all kinds of beverages, such as fruit and vegetable juice drinks, teas, milk, yogurt, and more. Even wine companies with a high mechanization degree use CIP commonly. It refers to the internal cleaning production equipment, such as an internal pipe, or internal cylinder body.电容传感器1

SIP (sanitizing in place), refers to disinfection (sterilization), and position disinfection. A SIP system is widely used in drinks, milk, yogurt and other food companies with a high mechanization degree. It commonly refers to the internal disinfection or sterilization equipment, such as internal pipe, or internal cylinder.

IO-LINK电容传感器Some Balluff capacitive sensors have a CIP/SIP function for food, beverages, drugs and dairy industries. On the Balluff website you will usually find the remark: "Safe for sterilization (SIP) and cleaning (CIP)". 


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