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Where does the inductive sensor apply?

The applications of the inductive sensors

Automation is almost inconceivable without inductive sensors. Wherever processes are automated, non-contact position detection of metallic objects, freedom from wear, and reliability are in demand.

Whether in machine building, electronics production, in the automobile, foods or plastics industry.



At Balluff you are offered a wide range of inductive sensors in various form factors for virtually any application: from standard sensors to sensors with extended switching distance, hygiene-approved, high-pressure and Ex sensors, Factor 1 or all-metal sensors. They are also available with additional ceramic or PTFE coating, for example to prevent weld splatter from adhering. You will also find all-metal with Factor 1 in our range.


Balluff inductive sensors are used to monitor, control and automate your processes and conditions. With the highest level of quality – even in extreme environments.


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