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Which are the different types of plungers used in Balluff BNS switches?

Different types of plungers are available at Balluff

In Balluff BNS (Balluff Nocken Schalter) switches we offer 4 different plungers:

  1. Chisel
  2. Roller
  3. Roller bearing
  4. Ball type






Each of these plungers can be used on a mechanical BNS mixed use in a switch housing is possible.




Balluff chisel plungers have a special version with a scraper plate to protect the mechanics against dried residues. The scraper plates cannot be retrofitted but must be selected when ordering the sensor. The stripper plates also reduce the approach speed.








40 m/min (O 10mm)

20 m/min (O 6mm)

+ - 0,002 mm


30 m/min (O 10mm)

10 m/min (O 6mm)

+ - 0,002 mm


10 m/min

+ - 0,002 mm


60 m/min

+ - 0,01 mm

Roller bearing

120 m/min

+ - 0,01 mm