Does Balluff have IO-Link enabled liquid level sensors?


Balluff has a BCS018a which is a modular capacitive intelligent liquid level sensor with io-link.



Our compact capacitive Q40 sensors now offer IO-Link technology. They reliably detect levels through non-metallic containers. They require no adjustment for conductive media and container wall thicknesses up to 6 mm.

The IO-Link interface gives you expanded application and setting options. The sensor is easy to install by using an industry standard 3-core cable. You can also position the sensors in the machine directly at the location of operation because the sensor's accessibility no longer plays a role.

Process monitoring, configuration and error analysis of the IO-Link sensors take place in the controller. This makes machine processes time-optimized and operations become greatly more efficient.

■ Detect levels through walls of non-metallic containers up to 10 mm thickness
■ For highly conductive media such as acids and bases
■ Compensate for foam and residues using Smart Level 50 technology
■ Operation modes: standard I/O mode (SIO), IO-Link mode

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