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Does Balluff have square IO-link enabled wireless couplers?

Inductive couplers, wireless, square, IO-LINK

Balluff square wireless couplers with contact-less IO link interface: BIC0070, BIC0071.

The Balluff square coupler is equipped with a 40 × 40 unicompact housing and a new bi-directional coupling system with IO link, which can even transmit in both directions. They make the mechanical contact redundant because the energy and data can be transmitted non-contact by the inductive coupler through the air gap. If non-contact data transmission based on Io link standard is used, it is transparent structure. In other words, BIC system is invisible and can connect host and device through plug and play mode without configuration. No matter which version of IO link is modified, the system has a complete IO link interface. Event, parameter data and process data can be exchanged directly between host and equipment.

Our BIC system has internal temperature monitoring function to prevent the induction coupler from overheating. When the temperature monitoring is triggered and the system cools down, the automatic restart will immediately restore the power supply. In the case of short circuit or over-current, the energy transmission of the basic unit is cut off. When the interference is eliminated, the restart will start automatically.

Our BIC has the following characteristics :

  • BIC bidirectional - Contactless IO link interface
  • Actuator triggering and sensor signal collection are carried out simultaneously
  • Actuator aux power can be switched on / off
  • The simplest plug and play installation
  • Flexible process data length


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