What are Balluff's safe I/O modules systems?

Balluff's safe I/O modules systems

The safe I/O modules from Balluff combine safety and automation technology using IO-Link. They provide both sensor and actuator signals as well as safety-relevant information. The best part: all you need for the safety concept in your plant is an infrastructure for implementing industrial safety in your automation processes. The universal lO-Link interface makes integrating industrial safety technology easier than ever.


At Balluff the core of Safety over IO-Link is the Safety Hub with Profisafe for Profinet. Safety switches and sensors, opto-electronic protective devices or safety command devices are quick and easy to incorporate. All you need is standard M12 cables for connecting virtually any safe field

Safe communication with the controller level is via Profisafe for Profinet. Together with our safety components the result is an all-round safe system on which you can rely.


The most important benefits

  • For safety applications up to PLe/SIL3
  • Reduce IP addresses
  • Standardized wiring concept with M12 cables, safe interlocking devices can be directly connected
  • Simple device replacement
  • Nearly any safety device can be connected



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