What are the characteristics of Balluff's fiber?

Optical fibers

Optical wires are made of glass or plastic materials with diameters as small as 50 μ M. they are bundled by hundreds of independent light rays to form so-called optical fibers. The optical fiber end has been polished and polished to meet the quality standards of the optical industry.



These individual rays are coated with a very thin layer of lubricating material. This reduces the friction between the outer sheath and the fiber, thus preventing fiber breakage even if the cable is continuously bent. 

Thus, the light transmission characteristics can be guaranteed for a long period of time. The end of the fiber bundle is wrapped by a connecting sleeve and a sheath. As a result, Balluff's optical fiber reaches IP 67 (IP 65 for metal sheath).

Water and corrosive media can neither damage the optical fiber nor the sliding sleeve, so the optical properties are not affected.

In this design, the axial tension is evenly distributed to all optical fibers to protect the independent optical fibers from the damage of excessive pulling load. 


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